Jeep Community unite People with Same Interest

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mmunity in Ungaran, Semarang, Central Java named UFO has a purpose to unite people with the same interest or hobby. UFO (Ungaran Family Offroad) derived from the name of their town. It’s under the IOF Semarang District.

Similarly comes from the same town, people of the jeep community made an organization institution with different professions. For example, the member can be a doctor, a teacher, a mechanic, a police, a soldier, etc.

Although they have different professions, they have the same interest by joining the club. Usually they are jeep owners or people who love them.

At least forty jeeps are in the jeep community, but not all of them are in the same brands both 4×2 WD or 4×4 WD. They do not make any differences among them. So that, they can enjoy their togetherness.

Usually UFO have some activities at the weekend because many of them have particular jobs in the work day. Communication is so important for them to keep in touch or make some plans together. So, they uses social media to communicate among them.

In some occasions they meet in Saturdays or Sundays. The activities can be meet and greet, offroad driving, having a trip, celebrating special events, or attending a jeep event from another club or jeep community.

Meet and Greet

Meet and greet among UFO members are the most common one. They make an appointment when and where they want to meet. Not only the drivers or the jeep owners, but also their families (couple and children).

When they have decided the time and place to meet, they come with their family too. However, some of them come alone. Those whose child or children are under five, they do not join the activities because the children get bored in the adult’s meeting.

Because most of the are Javanese, they speak Javanese language when they meet and greet each other. They are talking and chatting about everything. The place can be in a house of UFO member, in a restaurant, or in open spaces with a beautiful view. They come with their jeeps or with other vehicles like motorcycles or other cars.

Offroad Driving

Offroad driving is another common activity for UFO. For internal activity they prefer near place like rubbers plantation, remote villages, or small rivers in their district.

Rubber plantations in their district, Ungaran town are large enough with unsurfaced roads or tracks. In the rainy season the roads are slippery and muddy.

Another challenging terrain is going to remote villages. Usually UFO goes to Kedung Gelatik, Borangan, Sapen, Banger, and other villages. All of them are still in the same district.

However, the location of those villages are far away from the crowd. The villagers use motorcycle for their means of transportation. People outside the villages must take a round way when they prefer the good road to shortcut route. For the offroaders, the shortcut route becomes their favorite choice.

In addition, there is no shortcut road to Kedung Gelatik village. So, people use the only way to go there. The road is damaged even government builds it.

Small rivers in the district are along those villages. They are connected each other. In the dry season UFO likes to drive along there. The rocky surface becomes the interesting track for them.

Having a Trip

Having a trip in a certain place is another activity for the community. Usually they do not have offroad driving, but they just have fun by driving along the main road. Tourism places become the destination in the activities. For example, they go to a mountain, a camping ground, or other places.

Most of the activities are on Saturdays or Sundays in the open areas. When they go to a tourism object, they take their family members too from morning to afternoon or evening. However, when they go camping, they spend a night at the camping ground.

Because of the outdoor activities, they bring some equipments with them, such as portable stove, pan, and a tent. They also bring some food stuffs like instant noodles or coffee, eggs, etc. In the destination place they cook their own meal together. Almost all of have the portable cooking equipments.

In the camping activity, the bring their own tents either single or double layers tent. The small one is enough for two persons and the big one is for four persons. The tents are easy ones, so that they can set up them quickly.

When they will go camping, they book the place at least a week before. Camping ground often fully booked at weekends, so they have to book it first. For food, sometime every member bring their own meals,but sometime they cook together there.

Celebrating Special Events

In a jeep community, celebrating special events becomes one of their characteristic. In some occasions UFO celebrates special events like celebrating new year or anniversary of the community. Several weeks before the event, they have twice or three times meeting to discuss their plan. They make a small committee by pointing some members and tell their job’s descriptions.

Some of them prepare the place and the others prepare the food. They make a list of people who will attand the event. The purpose is to calculate the budget of the activity.

Jeep Events

UFO often attend jeep events hold by other jeep communities. It can be in the same town or outside. For example jeep events in the towns of Magelang, Kudus, Boja, Gunung Pati, etc. All of them the towns are still in Central Java, Indonesia.

Before joining the events, they should register first. Usually done by one of the members or their chairman either online or offline registration. They have to pay for registration too and it’s varied for each event. The registration fee includes the event t-shirt, some drink and snack, and sticker of the event. They stick it on their jeep, on the door or the body of the car.

It’s a short description of UFO, a jeep community in Semarang District. The more specific information about the community will appear in the next writing. May it’s useful for us. Thanks for reading.

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