English Slang for Indonesian People

English slang

Kataguru.com – English slang for Indonesian people is informal language in a group of people who know each other well. People usually use slang in speaking rather than writing. It refers to particular words and meanings. Slang is common recently because it is ear catching and easy for people to say it. For Indonesian people who learn English and live in the group of people who speak English need to know English slang.

We can conclude that slang is the informal language that is used in everyday interaction. It is defined as “an ever changing set of colloquial words and phrases that speakers use to establish or reinforce social identity or cohesiveness within a group.

Example of English Slang

Indonesian people who live in other countries which English language as the first language need to know their daily language include slang words. It can reduce misunderstanding in communicating with the people of origin. It also can avoid people from experience the culture shock in the first weeks of living in the certain country. The following is an e book of English Slang with Indonesian meaning.

Qualities of English Slang

  • Young people usually use it to be friendly with others or to show that they belong to a certain group of people.
  • It is regional. It means not all people in the same country use the same slang. Slang words can be a good indicator of what was going on during a period of time.
  • People who do not use slang often look down others who do.
  • Usually people use it in casual situations, but not always use it. Real life conversation do not include formal spoken interactions all the time.

How to Use English Slang

Slang can be very tricky for English learners to master because it changes very much and different groups of people use it. The easy rule for using it is to use the same expression with the people around us. However, if people around us do not use much slang we should avoid using it. When we hear slang words on a television show or movie, think about the character who is using it. Is it similar to you? Do other people respect this character? Do you want to sound like it?

Once we are familiar with the words and can comprehend them quickly, it is time for us to do some actual practices. Whether we are talking to someone face to face or chatting online.


We must avoid using English slang when we are speaking with someone older than us. We must respect them. People many think we are as impolite person if we use too many slang words in our speaking.

When we are talking to a large group of people who we do not know well, do not use slang. Not all people like to use or hear slang words. So, make sure we do not hurt someone with our words. Moreover, we must avoid using harsh words or dirty words.

In writing we do not use slang too.

Why Do People Use Slang

Because slang terms are often only understood by people in a certain group, it is a way that we belong. It shows that we are part of them and others do not understand. We can connect with like-minded people who understand just what we mean by using the latest slang words.

For this reason, slang is often a mark of being “cool” or at least in the know about something. People who are “in” with a group know the slang and people who are don’t. Slang is, therefore, a way to use language to separate ourselves from others.

By the time, slang words either die out from lack of uses as groups move on to new terminology or they may become so popular into the common language. Every one understands the words and they have poor grammar.

Using slang for English learner may have positive effects on them. It can motivate students to learn the language. The reason is slang will provide students with relevant authentic sources of language use as well as it enhances students’ informal communication skill.

Slang as Verbal Communication

As a verbal communication, slang may create misunderstandings in conversation among people. It is not possible or necessary to know everything about the way a cultural group communicates before having contact with that group. It can take years to understand the way people say especially in using slang.

As we use language and verbal communication can work both for us and against us. Language allows us to communicate, but it also allows us to miscommunicate and misunderstand. Anticipate where a word or expression may need more clarification and we will be in our way to reduce errors and improve verbal communication.

Think a moment about the words we use when we communicate with our best friend. If a coworker was to hang out with you and your friends, they can either understand all the words we use or not. They also may not understand the music we listen to and the story we tell because we use certain words and expressions which have special meaning with our friends.

Slang is the use of existing or newly invented words to take place of standard or traditional words with the intend of adding of an unconventional, nonstandard, humongous, or rebellious effect.

If we say something in “phat”, we may mean “cool”, which is now commonly understood slang word, but our coworker may not know this.

Since our emphasis in business communication is on clarity and slang word runs the risk of creating misinterpretation, it is best to avoid slang. We may see the marketing department use a slang word to target a specific, well-researched audience, but for our purposes our general presentation introducing a product or service, we will stick to clear, use common words.

As the conclusion, we can even we say in the same language, there won’t be communication barriers. The use of slang can prevent clear communication, but we need to know it to understand what people saying around us. Indonesian people need to learn English slang even they do not always use it.

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