English for Elementary School Grade 1

Kataguru.com – English for Elementary School Grade 1 is one of the subjects in Indonesian elementary school. English is still as a foreign language in Indonesia, so both parents and teachers try to find the suitable ways to teach English. The material of English for Elementary Grade 1 is still  simple and easy. Most of them are about the vocabularies like numbers, colors, fruits, vegetables, foods, or stationery. In school, English for Elementary Grade 1 usually is just two hours of lessons in a week. If children and parents do not use English in their daily conversation, children will not remember easily the lessons they have got from school. For this reason, this writing will give the example of English for Elementary Grade 1 in Form of Online Test.

Before doing the exercise, we need to know why do people learn other languages especially English. There are a member of different reasons for language study.

Reason for Learning Language

The following list will give an idea of the great variety of such reasons.

School Curriculum

Probably the greatest number of language students in the world do it because it is on the school curriculum whether they like it or not. For many of these students English, in particular, is something that both they and their parents want to have taught.

For others, however, the study of language is something they feel neutral (or sometimes negative) about.


Some people want to study English (or another foreign language) because they think it offers a chance for advancement in their professional lives. They will get a better job with two languages than if they only know their mother tongue. English has special position here since it has become the international language of communication.

Target Language Community

Some languagestudents find themselves living in a target language community (either temporarily or permanently). A target language community (TLC) is one where the inhabitants speak the language which the student is learning.

For students of English an English-speaking country would be a TLC. The students would need to learn English to survive in that community.

English for Specific Purposes

The term English for Specific Purposes has been applied to situation where students have some specific reason for wanting to learn the language. For example, air trafffic controllers need Engish primarily to guide aircraft through the skies. They may not use the language at all apart from this.

Business executives need English for international trade. Waiters may need English to serve their customers. These needs refer to as English for Occupational Purposes.

Students who are going to study at a university in USA, Great Britain, Australia or Canada, on the other hand, may need English so that they can write reports or essays and function in seminars.

Students of medicine or nuclear physics or other scientific discipline need to be able to read articles and textbooks about those subjects in English.


Some students study a foreign language because they are interested in the culture of one of the target language community. They learn the language because they want to know more about the people who speak it, the place where people speak English and they produce the writings.


There are of course many other possible reasons for learning a language. Some people do it just for fu because they like the activity of going to class. Another reason is because they want to be tourists in a country where people speak the language. Other people do it because all their friends are learning the language.

Not all students above will necessarily learn in the same way. Students who are only interested in one of the forms of English for specific purposes may learn differently from the students who are learning English for fun.

Students who study English because it is on the curriculum need to learn in a different way from those who got to a language institute out of choice. Most students who make that decision do so far a mixture of the reasons.

English Lesson Materials for Elementary School Grade 1

We will be dealing with students for whom English is part of the curriculum. The students of elementary grade 1 learn English for two semesters in a year. Each semester is six months. This writing will give the examples of online test with the score that can be repeated many times until the children can memorize well the vocabularies.


The students begin to learn cardinal number for number one until number twenty. It is suitable for them who are still learning how to read too. Students in the first grade can learn how to write and read the twenty numbers. Then, they can mention the number of things.












































Another vocabulary is about color. Students will learn how to mention the name of the color. Then, they can differentiate the colors and use them to describe the color of the things, animals, and others.

Students also need to know to to write the name of the color in the correct spelling. Name the things according to their real appearance.

white blue
black green
red purple
pink grey
orange yellow



Mention the name of the foods is another way to learn or enrich the students’ vocabularies. We use the common food for them. Besides that, using pictures can help them memorizing the name of food easily.

The name of food can be what they eat everyday or what they usually see in mass media either electronic or mass media.

noodle bread
hamburger boiled egg
fried rice boiled potato
fried egg sausage
meatball porridge



The students can learn the name of vegetables which are familiar to them or they usually eat them. We also use the pictures  of those vegetables to help the students.

water spinach chinese leave carrot
mustard green celery spinach
lettuce corn cabbage
cauliflower leek broccoli
mushroom garlic chili
asparagus onion tomato
bell pepper potato cucumber
radish chayote eggplant
turnip pea bean
okra pumpkin long bean




Pen, pencil, bag, and other stationery that the students bring or use everyday becomes another vocabularies.

pen ruler
pencil eraser
book crayon
bag marker
drawing book sharpener


For the conclusion of this writing is that learning English for Elementary students grade 1 is more suitable using realia or pictures. We know that vocabulary teaching is as important as the teaching of structure. Explaining the meaning of vocabulary items can be very difficult especially at beginner and elementary level.

May this writing is useful for all of us. For teachers, parents, and students. Thanks for reading.

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