Best Camping Sites with Wonderful Mountain View sites with wonderful mountain view in Semarang District and several areas in Central Java become favorite places to go camping. They are Mawar Camping Sites, Telomoyo Camping Sites, I’Ampel Gading Homeland, Medini Camping Sites. Those places become the favorite camping sites with mountain view with the cold weather. Nowadays people like to spend their leisure time by camping in the camping sites with mountain view and cool weather.

Mawar Camping Site

Mawar Camping Site is located on Goa Jepang Street KM. 5, Kluwihan, Sidomukti, Bandungan, Semarang, Central Java. It also a gate of mountain climbing to Ungaran Mountain. It becomes a camping site with mountain view.

People do not only go there in the weekends, but also in other days even it’s not as crowded as at weekends or holidays. For example a jeep community (UFO) in Semarang District which often goes camping there either with their members or their families.

The winding mountain road become a challenging road for the visitors. It is a special character for the camping site with mountain view. For individual visitor does not need to book or register before, but for a big community or lot of visitors, they need to book the place at least a week before.

Moreover, they have the activity on Saturday or Sunday, usually the place is fully booked. So that they need to book it first and they will be placed together in a wide space.

Mawar Camping Site also provides tents for those who do not bring any. They can rent them directly in the official place. The best time to start the activity is in the afternoon, before the sunset. They set the tent first, then enjoy the sunset and take some photographs.

I’Ampel Gading Homeland

I’Ampel Gading Homeland is on Ampel Gading Street, Kenteng, Bandungan, Semarang, central Java. It’s on the slope of Mount Ungaran. The sunrise becomes the best time to enjoy the view. “Sunrise Hunting” is familiar for the visitors.

They can rent jeeps to enjoy the sunrise by Bandungan Adventure Jeep Community. It starts at four thirty in the morning from the hotel.

People can see Rawa Pening, a Swamp in Ambarawa from this place. Before sun rises, the fog still covers the place as if it’s on the air.

A lot of eagles are flying freely. Their nests are in the caves near the camping sites and it makes the place more interesting. Taking photographs becomes the main activity for all the visitors.

After enjoying the sunrise, they can continue the trip by jeep to Gedong Songo, Hindu Temples not far from there. The place also has great temples with wonderful mountain view. The name of Gedong Songo derived from the number of the temples there. The nine temples are located separately, but not too far from each other.

Telomoyo Camping Site

It is another camping site with mountain view in Magelang District. It is on Dalangan Street, Ngablak, Magelang District, Central Java.

People can ride motorcycle or drive a car to the top of the mountain. Young people usually go there at the weekends before the sunset. They comes there in the late afternoon and enjoy the sunset from the top of the mountain.

They can enjoy the Pening Swamp from above. The fog usually covers the top of the mountain even it’s in a sunny day and sometimes rain falls there too. The cold weather becomes the main characteristic of the place.

Furthermore, the top of Telomoyo becomes one of the highest paragliding platform in Indonesia. Both national and international paragliding competition often held there.

Medini Camping Site

Medini or Promasan is on the slope of Mount Ungaran. It’s tea plantation with the cold weather. It’s about an hour driving car from the main road in Ungaran to reach Medini Camping Site.

The stony road to the place becomes the interesting track for those who like driving jeep car. However, it is so slippery in rainy season.

Usually people who want to camp there come there in the morning or afternoon. Then, they set up the tent before the weather becomes colder. From students in high school or university until the older people like to have camping there.

Besides the beautiful view, the place is well known for the Japanese Cave. It is a cave built in the middle of the tea plantation. The name is derived from the Japanese soldiers who used the cave to hide from the enemies in the Japanese Colonization time.

Baturaden Camp Site

Baturaden Camp Site is located in Banyumas District, Central Java. For those who like jeep trip, they can choose the gate of the forest. It’s about an hour driving car to reach the camp site. It is a tropical forest with a lot of big trees and many kind of tropical plants.

Moreover, Baturaden camp site is a wide space to set the tents there. We can also park our cars near the camp area. It’s suitable for the family or other social group community to have a weekend activity. It’s not only for camping, but also for enjoying the waterfalls there.

Dieng Camp Site

Dieng is on the slope of Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing. It is the Wonosobo District, Central Jave and well known as Dieng Plateau. The cold weather there becomes the main characteristic of the place.

We can find lot of tourism objects there like the temples, crater, camp site, color lakes. People can enjoy the beautiful mount view with the fog.

The farming land has a beautiful sight too with the potato plants and carica plants. Carica plant is like papaya plant. Its fruits also has the same appearance like papaya, but the size is so small. Dieng is well known for carica product.

Actually there are many others camp site in Central Java, but this writing discusses several of them briefly based on our own experience visiting those places. Most of them are visited with our group community and family at the weekends time or in a long holiday.

Thanks for reading.

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